How we eat, breathe and shit sustainability.

How we eat, breathe and shit sustainability.

In order to incorporate my passion for sustainability and creativity into my daily life, Good Planet Apparel was created. In college I studied environmental economics and in one of my courses, I learned about how fast fashion is rapidly and intensely deteriorating the environment. In the last two decades, the number of new items of clothing produced annually has almost doubled and that’s all thanks to fast fashion! 

To combat this situation going on, we committed to only producing 100% sustainable items. How are they “sustainable” you may wonder? Well, we source all of our thread, fabric, clothing and accessories from second hand sources like thrift stores, estate sales and donations from friends and family. The only items we have to purchase brand new are needles and sometimes thread, but event hat is made from 100% recycled plastic. Let us explain a little more in depth. 

In regards to fabric and supplies, there are many great online fabric stores that sell second hand fabrics and sewing supplies like A Thrift Notion, Make and Mend and Swanson’s Fabric. We realized there really isn’t a huge need to purchased new supplies since there was so much in existence already. In person thrift stores and estate sales are also great for finding fabrics that may be on their way to a landfill. Our entire goal is to use clothing and fabrics that are already on the planet and turn it into something that can be worn, loved and used again.

Another way we maintain sustainability is by reusing all of the plastic packaging we receive from second hand supplies orders. To seal up our recycled packaging, we use compostable tape. In order to further reduce our waste, we do not offer any sort of plastic or paper bags to give to customers during in person pop up shops, simply the garment itself. Lastly, our business cards are made from recycled paper with wild flower seeds inside so even if people throw our business cards on the ground, they will not be further harming the environment and are created from existing materials. From our paper products to packaging, you can guarantee sustainability. 

Post production waste production is also a concern for us. All of our scraps and clothing from donations we don’t keep, we donate or recycle. There are many local non-profits to donate clothing to as well as mainstream thrift stores. In a pinch we might put our donations into a box but try to find a place we know the clothes will be used or reworked in the local area. 

Good Planet Apparel is a sustainable brand through and through because that is our priority. Our goal is to offer clothing items that are equally unique as they are sustainable, with pricing in mind. Lastly, our mission is to inspire you to reduce your footprint and shop sustainably because we each have the power and choice to do so. The environment needs our help.


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